Published on July 6, 2023

Summer 2023

Parish of Three Patrons, Rathgar, Re-Wiring Fund 2023

Dear Parishioners / Friends of Rathgar,

Over the last year, I have carried out a review of the structural integrity of the Church of the Three Patrons, Rathgar. One major area of concern highlighted, was the electrical wiring of the Church which is obsolete and in need of urgent replacement. It has been brought to my attention that we do not have adequate fire prevention which I’m sure you’ll appreciate, leaves the Church building vulnerable.

The finance committee sanctioned a professional consultant to carry out a full review and his report highlights the above mentioned as well as the need to complete this re-wiring task as soon as possible. A schedule of works and tendered document was drawn up and went out to tender. We have now received those tenders which reflect how costs have rocketed in recent years. The cost of re-wiring the Church and all that goes with it would be €480,000.

This is a huge sum of money and we simply cannot afford it, nor are we in a position to spend that sort of money. I propose, with your support, to proceed with the basic re-wiring of the Church as well as a new switchboard, fire alarm, and smoke alarm systems which will cost around €300,000. This is still an enormous sum of money, but we can no longer afford to duck the responsibility of re-wiring the Church which plays such a crucial role in our community.

Re-wiring of a Church is a thankless job because people cannot see it. But it is none the less a vital task for the well-being of the building and a key component of health and safety for our Christian community.

I hold the view that the Church of the Three Patrons, Rathgar, has a significant role to play in serving the Christian community in the coming decades of our Archdiocese.  And so, I am asking you to please financially support this project if you are in a position to do so, which will allow us to future-proof this beautiful Church. We need to raise as much as possible so that as a parish community we can go forward knowing that our beautiful Church is in good shape, safe and well-protected. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Yours Sincerely,
Fr Andrew O’Sullivan PP.

Ways To Donate


Ways To Donate:

  1. Envelopes: Donations can be inserted in the enclosed envelope and dropped into the Parish Office or the Safe at the back of the Church.


  1. Online: Online donations can be made via the donation section on our Parish website – Please make the donation specifically to the re-wiring fund.


Thank you for your generosity.